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MULTI - 60 tablets


1 tablet a day, before meals

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    Minerals make up 4-5% of the weight of the human body and are absolutely necessary for normal organic functions. Important elements for the structure of bones, teeth, tissues and muscles, blood and cells, minerals are fundamental for muscle response, for communication within the nervous system, for digestion, for metabolism and for the production of hormones and antibodies. They also regulate the organic balance of water, acids, bases and other important substances. GNLD's Multi contains organic minerals and provides a broad spectrum of bioavailable macro and microminerals (trace minerals).

    A broad-spectrum formula. Our unique formula provides a wide range of essential vitamins, vital minerals and trace minerals necessary for optimal body functions. All ingredients interact to compensate for any lack in our diet.
    Iron-free. For those people whose diet already includes the necessary dose of iron.

    Typical nutritional values per tablet
    Energy value 1,1 kJ (0,26 kcal)
    Protein 0,02 g
    Carbohydrates 0,02 g
    Fat 0,01 g
    Zinc 11.25 mg (75*)
    Manganese 2.0 mg
    Copper 1.5 mg
    Selenium 12.5 μg
    Chromium 12.5 μg
    Iodide 112,5 μg (75*)
    Vitamin A 750 μg (93*)
    Vitamin D3 3.75 μg (75*)
    Vitamin E 7.5 mg (75*)
    Vitamin C 45,0 mg (75*)
    Vitamin B1 1,0 mg (71*)
    Vitamin B2 1.0 mg (62*)
    Vitamin B6 1.5 mg (75*)
    Niacin 12.5 mg (70*)
    Vitamin B12 2.25 μg (225*)
    Folic acid 100 μg (50*)
    Pantothenic acid 3.5 mg (58*)
    *% Recommended daily requirements